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Cashewkerne natur




These are top quality Cashews – raw and packed with calcium for strong & healthy bones! Put the ‚you‘ back in cash-‚you,‘ and indulge in this healthy snack.

Ingredients: cashews

Health benefits: Cashews are mega mineral bomb and they’re cholesterol free. They are the perfect snack for when you need a power boost to your day as they’re packed with protein. They’re also full of calcium (which your bones love)! They also possess a healthy dose of zinc.
Plus, check out all of the other essential minerals they contain:

Iron; essential for red blood cell function and enzyme activity. A serving size of 100g will contribute to 1/3 of a woman’s daily Iron needs and ½ of a man’s daily Iron needs
Magnesium; promotes energy release and bone growth
Phosphorous; builds bones and teeth
Zinc; essential to digestion and metabolism
Selenium; has high anti-oxidant properties, which protect the body from cancer
Phytochemicals; have protective or disease preventive properties
Manganese; helps in building essential enzymes for building bones
Potassium; helps regulate blood pressure and heart function
Copper; actions the activity of several enzymes and is vital to the health of all living things+

So as you can see, the cashew is a real catch amongst the nuts for healthy people seeking a tasty guilt-free snack.

A handful of cashew nuts (count 15 in a handful) a day provides enough of these minerals and prevent a bunch of diseases and fulfil your daily requirement of Vitamin E. What more can you ask for in a nut.

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